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Advantages of electric excavator products

  • The product has the advantages of strong power and high durability.
  • Breakers and pipelines are optional.
  • Meet the national carbon emission requirements.
  • Indoor operation has no emission and no noise.
  • The boom seat can be folded to work in the elevator.
  • Less investment, quick payback, and low cost of use.
  • The battery has a three-year/6000-hour long warranty.
  • Equipped with a hydraulic oil air-cooled radiator, it can meet the needs of continuous work.
  • The maximum working time is about 10 hours, which meets the needs of a day’s work.
  • Large-capacity lithium battery, optional battery capacity.


Parameter Description unit size
Length in transit mm 2750
Transport height mm 1450
Machine width mm 800-1000
Operating weight kg 990
Motor peak power kw 9
Bucket volume cubic meter 0.025-0.05
Walking speed Km/h 3.5
Battery capacity ah 160/180/210
Battery life on one charge h 6/7.5/9
Charging time h 4/4.5/5
Digging depth mm 1700
Digging height mm 2400
Digging radius mm 2650
Unloading height mm 1700
Radius of gyration mm 1550
Dozer blade lift mm 180
Dozer blade down mm 180
Gradeability ° 35
Maximum Ground Horizontal Distance mm 3660

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