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  • Equipped with a spare breaking hammer pipeline, it can be connected to the breaking hammer to work.
  • Widen the body, the width is 1 meter, the body is more stable
  • Equipped with a well-known brand engine, the power is strong.
  • Enlarging the hydraulic oil tank and split design, which is more conducive to heat dissipation.
  • Gasoline/diesel/electric power is optional, and the size of the bucket is optional.
  • Thickened dozer blade, more stable support.
  • Beautiful appearance and ergonomic design.


Parameter Description unit size
Length in transit mm 2750
Transport height mm 1450
Machine width mm 1000
Operating weight kg 940
Motor peak power kw 8.2
Bucket volume cubic meter 0.025-0.05
Walking speed km/h 3
Turn back speed rpm 12
horsepower hp 12
Digging depth mm 1700
Digging height mm 2400
Digging radius mm 2650
Unloading height mm 1700
Radius of gyration mm 1550
Dozer blade lift mm 180
Dozer blade down mm 180
Gradeability ° 35
Maximum Ground Horizontal Distance mm 3660

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